How to choose a resume provider

think about it signDon’t be fooled by unbelievable deals on sites such as voucher.com.au that offer vulnerable people the opportunity to have a professional resume written for just $29. Get real! I’ve written an article giving you Seven Questions you need to ask the service provider before you put your trust in them.

Here’s my response to the $29 deal – well, Smart Start Services asked for my comment…

‘As a professional careers consultant for the past eighteen years, I am very sceptical of organisations that offer ridiculous offers such as this. You might note that there is no mention of the qualifications or experience of the resume writers. If you proceed to the next page of the website, you’ll find a template of questions, where you ‘write your own resume’.

I’m sure it will look pretty- but it will be totally useless. If you’re going to write your own resume, don’t pay an invisible person to do the job for you.’

Here’s an article I wrote to protect vulnerable jobseekers from unscrupulous resume providers. http://www.smartstartmarketing.com.au/welcome/page17.php

PS It’s interesting that my company is called Smart Start Marketing (and has been in operation for 18 years) and this company is called Smart Start Services…makes you wonder who’s following the leader…or trying to mislead people into believing it is the same company. Don’t be fooled!

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