Good news for long term unemployed with Federal Government Jobs Initiative

good newsFinally, there’s a government helping hand for people who have lost their jobs to help them get back into the workforce. It will also be a huge help for people with a disability to access employment opportunities.

This wage subsidy is available for private sector and social enterprise organisations employing a job seeker who:

  • has been on income support for at least two years
  • is currently participating in Job Services Australia or Disability Employment Services programs
  • has had no or minimal recent paid employment

Here’s how the scheme works. The $95M. ‘Wage Connect Program’, funded by the Federal Government, subsidises employers to hire and retain people who have been out of the workforce for a lengthy period of time.

Research shows that people who have been unemployed for 12 months or more have a 54% chance of being unemployed for a further 12 months. Yikes! That’s enough to destroy anyone’s self confidence.

So, if you’ve been out of the workforce raising a family, caring for a relative, or just plain having a terrible time getting a job after being retrenched, this is for you. Embrace this opportunity and benefit from it. You deserve it!

At any age, it’s difficult to get back into the workforce after a long break due to outdated skills and experience. But, if you’re over 45, it’s even more difficult due to age discrimination. Yes, the ugly beast is still there. But, here’s your chance to get a great job, so don’t be a slowcoach! Check it out today. You can also go to your nearest Centrelink Office to see if you qualify.

Here’s the link for further info   http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/Centrelink/wage-connect

Let me know how you go…I’ll be waiting to hear good news!

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