Do you need a career coach to guide you through the job maze?

Job Maze1I’m thinking of putting my 18 years as a Career Coach to good use. Would a blog providing specific answers to your job questions be helpful to you?

It’s one thing to write job applications, but would it be helpful to you to find out why you didn’t get the job and what you can do next time to enure success?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m thinking of charging a nominal annual fee to provide personal assistance to members.

6 thoughts on “Do you need a career coach to guide you through the job maze?

  1. Sounds brilliant! I constantly have questions I’d like to ask someone with more knowledge than I have about applying for government jobs. Also, every job application is different, so there are different issues every time.


    1. Hi Suzanne
      Thanks for your reply. I’m putting some ideas together so that I can provide ongoing assistance to jobseekers who have curly questions or just need easy-to-understand advice re how to apply for a government job.

  2. During our session, I was able to work through some ideas about how to describe my personal brand that I never would have felt comfortable trying out in a real-life career setting. For example, by the end of the session, we had decided to remove the word “editor” from my pitch entirely, realizing that there were too many assumptions with the role that didn’t totally describe what I spent most of my time doing.

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